The Montgomery Street Courier

The Montgomery Street Courier


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The Montgomery Street Courier is a perfect travel companion, designed to fit your compact system camera (CSC) or DSLR, additional lenses, plus an iPad and other items. A quick-access side panel lets you grab your camera – and the perfect shot. The FlexFold System allows you to quickly expand the interior to fit gear or fold away for added space. Quilted lining, front organizer and tuck-away shoulder strap provide features that travel well.


  • Quickly expand to protect your camera or fold away for extra personal storage space with the FlexFold System.
  • Side panel for fast access to your CSC or DSLR.
  • Soft, quilted interior lining protects devices from scratches.
  • Front organizer pocket for easy storage of iPhone and other personal items.
  • Compact design fits anywhere, from under the seat on a plane or inside a larger bag.

  • CSC + 2 lenses or DSLR + 1 lens
  • iPad or 10 inch tablet
  • iPhone & passport
  • Other accessories
External Dimensions
Height: 11.8" | 30.0cm
Length: 6.5" | 16.5cm
Width: 10" | 25.5m
Weight: 1.3lb | .6kg